Guys and Dolls Photography | Erica + Dan :: 6.16.18

Erica + Dan :: 6.16.18

July 24, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

"How do you think Dan's doing this morning?" I asked Erica as she sat in the salon chair getting her hair and makeup done. 

She replied with a smile, "Good, he didn't want to leave me last night. We honestly don't like spending time apart. We just love each other so much."

Throughout the day the happy couple proved just that! Everyone could see how much these two adored each other. We could see it, as well, in the detail they put into planning their big day. Details like the ribbon on Erica's bouquet being from the dress she wore from their first date, or how they wanted to go to St. Henry's in Rosebush, which was the spot they first laid eyes on each other. They even had their reception at Buck's Run Golf Course, the same place, the same day of meeting, the two chatted the night away while participating in her cousin's wedding party. Everything came full circle. In Erica's words, "It was just meant to be!"

It appears to be just that... meant to be. And we feel so happy to have been able to capture their love story. 

Congratulations Erica & Dan!!

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