Emily + Lucas 07.01.17

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I may use common expressions while blogging, "It was the perfect day," "She was the most beautiful bride," ect. But, when I say Emily and Lucas are truly meant to be, I really mean it! Not that I don't mean it when using other expressions, I'm just emphasizing how perfect these two are together! Emily and Lucas met because Lucas was randomly paired with Emily's brother as a roommate in the dorms at Central Michigan University. Initially, Emily thought Lucas was really cute, but remained quiet about feelings. It wasn't until she noticed Lucas returning her affections that they really hit it off!

Let's fast forward to their proposal story, because it's definitely worth sharing! Lucas planned an amazing scavenger hunt across CMU for Emily, hitting all the spots that had significance to their relationship. She went back to the dorms, to the library, outside the UC and lastly found herself at the gazebo on campus, where Lucas was waiting for her. This entire time, Emily was thinking she was going to end up with a Pandora Charm to add to her bracelet, so she was pleasantly surprised when Lucas got down on one knee and asked her to be his forever.  All of the thought and planning done by Lucas to make that day so special, has ladies everywhere a little envious! Seriously, what a guy!

Their wedding on July 1, 2017, was just as perfect as their relationship. The weather cooperated (this has been a very wet Michigan summer). We began the day at Salon Blu before heading to the church. After the ceremony we made a quick stop at Central Michigan University before heading to their reception at St. Ives Golf Course in Canadian Lakes. We have so many favorites from their wedding! Make sure you check it out below and make it all the way to the bottom! Lucas and a few groomsmen gave an impressive performance of "Ice, Ice Baby!"

Mr. and Mrs. Logan, thank you for letting us capture your big day! 

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Hair and Make up: Salon Blu in downtown Mt. Pleasant

Wedding dress: Unique Bridal in Auburn

Bridesmaid Dresses: Renee Austin In Grand Rapids

Venue: St. Ives Golf Resort

DJ Entertainment: Sound Productions 


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