Guys and Dolls Photography: Blog en-us (C) Guys and Dolls Photography (Guys and Dolls Photography) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:19:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:19:00 GMT Guys and Dolls Photography: Blog 120 80 Erica + Dan :: 6.16.18 "How do you think Dan's doing this morning?" I asked Erica as she sat in the salon chair getting her hair and makeup done. 

She replied with a smile, "Good, he didn't want to leave me last night. We honestly don't like spending time apart. We just love each other so much."

Throughout the day the happy couple proved just that! Everyone could see how much these two adored each other. We could see it, as well, in the detail they put into planning their big day. Details like the ribbon on Erica's bouquet being from the dress she wore from their first date, or how they wanted to go to St. Henry's in Rosebush, which was the spot they first laid eyes on each other. They even had their reception at Buck's Run Golf Course, the same place, the same day of meeting, the two chatted the night away while participating in her cousin's wedding party. Everything came full circle. In Erica's words, "It was just meant to be!"

It appears to be just that... meant to be. And we feel so happy to have been able to capture their love story. 

Congratulations Erica & Dan!!

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Tyler + Courtney I cannot say enough good things about Courtney and Tyler's wedding. Did it rain all day? Yes. But, everyone made the most out of the weather and had such good attitudes about it, especially Courtney and Tyler. They were just happy to be tying-the-knot, and I was happy to capture it all!  Check out a few of my favorites below.


cSt-013-5cSt-013-5 cSt-024cSt-024 cSt-002-2cSt-002-2 cSt-015cSt-015 cSt-020-8cSt-020-8 cSt-017cSt-017

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Carisa + Travis :: 9.9.17  

cPt-008cPt-008 cPt-001cPt-001 cPt-003cPt-003 cPt-004cPt-004 cPt-009cPt-009 cPt-013cPt-013 cPt-021cPt-021 cPt-037bwcPt-037bw cPt-039bwcPt-039bw cPt-043cPt-043 cPt-045cPt-045 cPt-052cPt-052 cPt-053bwcPt-053bw cPt-055cPt-055 cPt-056cPt-056 cPt-062cPt-062 cPt-064cPt-064 cPt-078cPt-078 cPt-081cPt-081 cPt-069cPt-069 cPt-082cPt-082 cPt-098cPt-098 cPt-112cPt-112 cPt-109cPt-109 cPt-125cPt-125 cPt-128cPt-128 cPt-130cPt-130 cPt-145cPt-145 cPt-149cPt-149 cPt-156bwcPt-156bw cPt-159cPt-159 cPt-175cPt-175 cPt-186cPt-186 cPt-192cPt-192 cPt-194cPt-194 cPt-196cPt-196 cPt-197cPt-197 cPt-198cPt-198 cPt-199cPt-199 cPt-200bwcPt-200bw cPt-203cPt-203 cPt-207cPt-207 cPt-209cPt-209 cPt-212cPt-212 cPt-232cPt-232 cPt-233cPt-233 cPt-238cPt-238 cPt-246cPt-246 cPt-250cPt-250 cPt-256cPt-256 cPt-252cPt-252 cPt-271cPt-271 cPt-272cPt-272 cPt-274bwcPt-274bw cPt-276cPt-276 cPt-277cPt-277 cPt-284cPt-284 cPt-327bwcPt-327bw cPt-330cPt-330 cPt-333cPt-333 cPt-336cPt-336 cPt-339cPt-339 cPt-341cPt-341 cPt-343cPt-343 cPt-345fxcPt-345fx cPt-349cPt-349 cPt-351cPt-351 cPt-357cPt-357 cPt-361cPt-361 cPt-370cPt-370 cPt-405bwcPt-405bw cPt-381cPt-381 cPt-384cPt-384 cPt-422cPt-422 cPt-428cPt-428 cPt-439cPt-439 cPt-441cPt-441 cPt-444cPt-444 cPt-470bwcPt-470bw cPt-484cPt-484 cPt-470cPt-470 cPt-489cPt-489 cPt-507bwcPt-507bw cPt-501cPt-501 cPt-500cPt-500 cPt-495cPt-495 cPt-493cPt-493 cPt-516cPt-516 cPt-519cPt-519 cPt-522bwcPt-522bw cPt-523cPt-523 cPt-524cPt-524 cPt-527cPt-527 cPt-529cPt-529 cPt-530cPt-530 cPt-533cPt-533 cPt-535cPt-535 cPt-539cPt-539 cPt-541cPt-541 cPt-542cPt-542 cPt-545cPt-545 cPt-549cPt-549 cPt-562cPt-562 cPt-563cPt-563 cPt-569cPt-569 cPt-571bwcPt-571bw cPt-577cPt-577 cPt-579cPt-579 cPt-591cPt-591 cPt-593cPt-593 cPt-592cPt-592 cPt-594cPt-594 cPt-596cPt-596 cPt-600cPt-600 cPt-602cPt-602 cPt-603cPt-603 cPt-605cPt-605 cPt-618cPt-618 cPt-619cPt-619 cPt-621cPt-621 cPt-633cPt-633 cPt-645cPt-645 cPt-648cPt-648 cPt-652cPt-652 cPt-660cPt-660 cPt-664cPt-664 cPt-666cPt-666 cPt-667cPt-667 cPt-668cPt-668 cPt-675cPt-675 cPt-681cPt-681 cPt-686cPt-686 cPt-687cPt-687 cPt-702cPt-702 cPt-705bwcPt-705bw cPt-707cPt-707 cPt-710cPt-710 cPt-708cPt-708  

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Mandi + Nick This is my first attempt at blogging....I am not a writer but I think it's fun to share some of the stories from our sessions.  One of the really great parts of our business is the relationships we build with our clients.  These relationships fuel our passion for what we do-capture your memories forever.  We first met this couple when they booked us to photograph their wedding in the fall of 2015.  Dana had a wonderful time with them on their wedding day and captured many beautiful images.  They called us this fall to book a session and it turns out they have been very busy in the last two years.  They added a beautiful little girl to their family AND purchased a business!  The day of their "fall"session it ended up being 90 degrees!  Mandi had envisioned boots and sweaters but quickly changed their outfits to go with the weather! Dan got lots of great shots and everyone survived fall heat.  And as you can see even little Miss Q was smiling the whole time!! Can't wait to see them the next time they come for an updated portrait-what will their next adventure be?!  -Kari

Romantic wedding portrait at TulleymoreRomantic wedding portrait at Tulleymore fam-005fam-005 fam-013fam-013 fam-015fam-015 modern family outdoor portraitmodern family outdoor portrait children's session at Mt. Pleasant City Hallchildren's session at Mt. Pleasant City Hall fam-034fam-034 fam-042fam-042 fam-055bwfam-055bw fam-057bwfam-057bw fam-058fam-058

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Halie + Matthew :: 08:19:17 Matthew and Halie are both such genuinely sweet and caring individuals. We are so lucky to have been apart of their wedding. We began the day at St. Michael's church in Remus, Michigan before heading to Buck's Run Golf Course for the reception. To get a little quality time with the wedding party, we made a pit stop at Nelson Park. My favorite part of the day was at dusk, when we whisked the bride and groom away for some AMAZING portraits! Take a look through their wedding story and feel free to let us know what your favorites are!! hZm-008-2hZm-008-2 hZm-002-1hZm-002-1 hZm-013hZm-013 hZm-014hZm-014 hZm-021hZm-021 hZm-024hZm-024 hZm-025hZm-025 hZm-029-3hZm-029-3 hZm-033hZm-033 hZm-037hZm-037 hZm-039hZm-039 hZm-040hZm-040 hZm-053-6hZm-053-6 hZm-067-7hZm-067-7 hZm-101hZm-101 hZm-114-8hZm-114-8 hZm-113hZm-113 hZm-123hZm-123 hZm-122hZm-122 hZm-128-10hZm-128-10 hZm-130-11hZm-130-11 hZm-144hZm-144 hZm-134hZm-134 hZm-148hZm-148 hZm-149hZm-149 hZm-178hZm-178 hZm-183-13hZm-183-13 hZm-186hZm-186 hZm-184hZm-184 hZm-195-14hZm-195-14 hZm-204hZm-204 hZm-206hZm-206 hZm-207hZm-207 hZm-210hZm-210 hZm-218hZm-218 hZm-219hZm-219 hZm-230-17hZm-230-17 hZm-236hZm-236 hZm-242hZm-242 hZm-243hZm-243 hZm-258hZm-258 hZm-245hZm-245 hZm-255hZm-255 hZm-269hZm-269 hZm-271hZm-271 hZm-280hZm-280 hZm-293-19hZm-293-19 hZm-306hZm-306 hZm-318hZm-318 hZm-321-20hZm-321-20 hZm-330hZm-330 hZm-335hZm-335 Bride with GroomsmenBride with GroomsmenWedding Party at Nelson Park in Mount Pleasant, Michigan hZm-385hZm-385 hZm-346hZm-346 hZm-373hZm-373 hZm-378hZm-378 Groom with bridesmaidsGroom with bridesmaidswedding party in Mount Pleasant, Michigan hZm-420hZm-420 Bride LaughingBride Laughing hZm-422hZm-422 hZm-392hZm-392 hZm-433hZm-433 hZm-437hZm-437 hZm-437-28hZm-437-28 Buttons on bride's wedding dressButtons on bride's wedding dressNelson Park, Mount Pleasant, MI

Bride and Groom walking at Nelson ParkBride and Groom walking at Nelson Park, Mount Pleasant, Michigan hZm-443hZm-443 Candid BridesmaidsCandid Bridesmaids hZm-458hZm-458 Bridemaids walkingBridemaids walking Groomsmen walkingGroomsmen walking hZm-463-31hZm-463-31 Bridal PartyBridal Party at Buck's Run Golf Course hZm-467hZm-467 hZm-469hZm-469 hZm-471hZm-471 hZm-475hZm-475 hZm-479hZm-479 hZm-480hZm-480 Grand EntranceBride and Groom Grand Entrance at Buck's Run

Best Man SpeechBest Man Speech at Buck's Run hZm-492hZm-492 hZm-495hZm-495 hZm-500hZm-500 Maid of Honor speechMaid of honor speech hZm-502hZm-502 hZm-508-34hZm-508-34 hZm-509hZm-509 hZm-525-36hZm-525-36 hZm-527hZm-527 hZm-528hZm-528 hZm-546-39hZm-546-39 hZm-552hZm-552 hZm-560hZm-560 hZm-558hZm-558 hZm-571hZm-571 hZm-555hZm-555 hZm-569hZm-569 hZm-572hZm-572 hZm-577hZm-577 hZm-586hZm-586 hZm-590hZm-590 hZm-596lighthZm-596light hZm-597lighthZm-597light hZm-616hZm-616 hZm-618-48hZm-618-48 hZm-617hZm-617 hZm-621hZm-621 hZm-627hZm-627 hZm-631crophZm-631crop hZm-635hZm-635 hZm-638-54hZm-638-54 hZm-640hZm-640 hZm-642hZm-642 hZm-654-56hZm-654-56 hZm-655hZm-655 hZm-653hZm-653

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Emily + Lucas 07.01.17 I may use common expressions while blogging, "It was the perfect day," "She was the most beautiful bride," ect. But, when I say Emily and Lucas are truly meant to be, I really mean it! Not that I don't mean it when using other expressions, I'm just emphasizing how perfect these two are together! Emily and Lucas met because Lucas was randomly paired with Emily's brother as a roommate in the dorms at Central Michigan University. Initially, Emily thought Lucas was really cute, but remained quiet about feelings. It wasn't until she noticed Lucas returning her affections that they really hit it off!

Let's fast forward to their proposal story, because it's definitely worth sharing! Lucas planned an amazing scavenger hunt across CMU for Emily, hitting all the spots that had significance to their relationship. She went back to the dorms, to the library, outside the UC and lastly found herself at the gazebo on campus, where Lucas was waiting for her. This entire time, Emily was thinking she was going to end up with a Pandora Charm to add to her bracelet, so she was pleasantly surprised when Lucas got down on one knee and asked her to be his forever.  All of the thought and planning done by Lucas to make that day so special, has ladies everywhere a little envious! Seriously, what a guy!

Their wedding on July 1, 2017, was just as perfect as their relationship. The weather cooperated (this has been a very wet Michigan summer). We began the day at Salon Blu before heading to the church. After the ceremony we made a quick stop at Central Michigan University before heading to their reception at St. Ives Golf Course in Canadian Lakes. We have so many favorites from their wedding! Make sure you check it out below and make it all the way to the bottom! Lucas and a few groomsmen gave an impressive performance of "Ice, Ice Baby!"

Mr. and Mrs. Logan, thank you for letting us capture your big day! 

-Dana and Dan eLl-1eLl-1 eLl-22eLl-22 eLl-28eLl-28 eLl-32eLl-32 eLl-16eLl-16 eLl-35eLl-35 eLl-38-2eLl-38-2 eLl-47eLl-47   eLl-59beLl-59b eLl-60-12eLl-60-12 eLl-72eLl-72

eLl-85-13eLl-85-13 eLl-88eLl-88 eLl-97-15eLl-97-15 eLl-102-5eLl-102-5 eLl-106-6eLl-106-6 eLl-113eLl-113 eLl-114-8eLl-114-8 eLl-115-9eLl-115-9 eLl-129eLl-129 eLl-132eLl-132 eLl-131-17eLl-131-17 eLl-133eLl-133 eLl-134eLl-134 eLl-149-19eLl-149-19 eLl-154eLl-154 eLl-159eLl-159 eLl-163eLl-163 eLl-188eLl-188 eLl-190-25eLl-190-25 eLl-192eLl-192 eLl-249eLl-249 eLl-193eLl-193 eLl-212eLl-212 eLl-259eLl-259 eLl-263eLl-263 eLl-270eLl-270 eLl-284eLl-284 eLl-285eLl-285 eLl-302eLl-302 eLl-306eLl-306 eLl-308bweLl-308bw eLl-315eLl-315 eLl-317eLl-317 eLl-320eLl-320 eLl-321eLl-321 eLl-328-41eLl-328-41 eLl-332eLl-332 eLl-333eLl-333 eLl-337eLl-337 eLl-345eLl-345 eLl-353eLl-353 eLl-356-48eLl-356-48 eLl-361eLl-361 eLl-364-50eLl-364-50

eLl-427-55eLl-427-55 eLl-429eLl-429 eLl-440eLl-440 eLl-443eLl-443 eLl-449eLl-449 eLl-452eLl-452 eLl-455eLl-455 eLl-457eLl-457 eLl-465eLl-465 eLl-467eLl-467 eLl-468eLl-468 eLl-473eLl-473 eLl-479eLl-479 eLl-481eLl-481 eLl-483-61eLl-483-61 eLl-492eLl-492 eLl-495-63eLl-495-63 eLl-501eLl-501 eLl-503eLl-503 eLl-515eLl-515 eLl-519-67eLl-519-67 eLl-531-68eLl-531-68 eLl-541eLl-541 eLl-548eLl-548 eLl-550eLl-550 eLl-559-71eLl-559-71 eLl-571-73eLl-571-73 eLl-573eLl-573 eLl-574-74eLl-574-74 eLl-588eLl-588 eLl-589eLl-589 eLl-591-75eLl-591-75 eLl-596eLl-596 eLl-601eLl-601 eLl-605-78eLl-605-78 eLl-616-80eLl-616-80 eLl-624eLl-624 eLl-625eLl-625 eLl-626eLl-626 eLl-651eLl-651 eLl-652eLl-652 eLl-631eLl-631 eLl-662eLl-662 eLl-663eLl-663 eLl-668eLl-668 eLl-673-92eLl-673-92 eLl-682-94eLl-682-94 eLl-684eLl-684 eLl-688eLl-688 eLl-691eLl-691 eLl-696eLl-696 eLl-697-134eLl-697-134 eLl-703eLl-703 eLl-712eLl-712 eLl-721eLl-721 eLl-739eLl-739 eLl-741eLl-741 eLl-742eLl-742 eLl-746eLl-746 eLl-748eLl-748 eLl-750eLl-750 eLl-758eLl-758 eLl-760-108eLl-760-108 eLl-766eLl-766 eLl-775eLl-775 eLl-778eLl-778 eLl-808eLl-808 eLl-812eLl-812 eLl-818eLl-818 eLl-821eLl-821 eLl-837eLl-837 eLl-834eLl-834 eLl-841eLl-841 eLl-859eLl-859 eLl-862-119eLl-862-119 eLl-868eLl-868 eLl-871-122eLl-871-122 eLl-879eLl-879 eLl-884eLl-884 eLl-894eLl-894 eLl-889eLl-889


Hair and Make up: Salon Blu in downtown Mt. Pleasant

Wedding dress: Unique Bridal in Auburn

Bridesmaid Dresses: Renee Austin In Grand Rapids

Venue: St. Ives Golf Resort

DJ Entertainment: Sound Productions 

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Kelly + Kohl Kelly and Kohl are one of our 2018 wedding couples and we couldn't feel luckier to be apart of their upcoming big day! They are both incredible individuals, but together they make a power couple (I mean, just look at all their cuteness!). Their session was extremely last minute, but we are so glad we were able to sneak them in! Kelly really wanted to incorporate the wheat fields for her and Kohl's engagement pictures. The day of their session, the wheat had started to be harvested. Dan had to travel a little further from his usual spot to find a field that hadn't been touched yet! They extra hike was well worth it though. While on their journey to find the perfect wheat field, they stopped alongside a beautiful country road with amazing greenery and bright yellow wildflowers. Some of these images are my personal favorites, but their entire session was beautiful. Make sure you check it out below! 

Eng-007Eng-007 Eng-037Eng-037 Eng-038Eng-038 Eng-042Eng-042 Eng-045Eng-045 Eng-053Eng-053 Eng-067Eng-067 Eng-068Eng-068 eng-069eng-069 Eng-086Eng-086 Eng-087retEng-087ret Eng-089Eng-089 Eng-099Eng-099 Eng-100Eng-100 Eng-101Eng-101

]]> (Guys and Dolls Photography) engagement session michigan wedding mount pleasant photographer wedding photography wheat field Thu, 10 Aug 2017 18:58:54 GMT
Annette + Erick :: 5.27.17 Annette and Erick tied-the-knot Memorial wedding at the beautiful SWJ Emerald Hills. We had a ton of fun working with these two. One of my favorites parts of the day was when we stole them away to a secret Edmore location. The pictures we were able to snap there were amazing! If your cool, bored at work, or just an overall awesome person, you'll check out their big day below! ;) aMe 002aMe 002 aMe 013aMe 013 aMe 004aMe 004 aMe 006aMe 006 aMe 010aMe 010 aMe 012aMe 012 aMe 017aMe 017 aMe 019aMe 019 aMe 020aMe 020 aMe 026aMe 026 aMe 027aMe 027 aMe 024aMe 024 aMe 031aMe 031 aMe 032aMe 032 aMe 036aMe 036 aMe 037aMe 037 aMe 038aMe 038 aMe 039aMe 039 aMe 050aMe 050 aMe 051aMe 051 aMe 055aMe 055 aMe 057-38aMe 057-38 aMe 064aMe 064 aMe 062aMe 062 aMe 142aMe 142 aMe 144aMe 144 aMe 067-8aMe 067-8 aMe 073-40aMe 073-40 aMe 083-7aMe 083-7 aMe 125aMe 125 aMe 127aMe 127 aMe 123aMe 123 aMe 156aMe 156 aMe 155aMe 155 aMe 166-17aMe 166-17 aMe 168aMe 168 aMe 169aMe 169 aMe 171aMe 171 aMe 173aMe 173 aMe 177aMe 177 aMe 203aMe 203 aMe 204aMe 204 aMe 205-48aMe 205-48 aMe 210aMe 210 aMe 216aMe 216 aMe 219aMe 219 aMe 229aMe 229 aMe 232-50aMe 232-50 aMe 233aMe 233 aMe 235aMe 235 aMe 242aMe 242 aMe 244aMe 244 aMe 246aMe 246 aMe 247-25aMe 247-25 aMe 251aMe 251 aMe 256-26aMe 256-26 aMe 259aMe 259 aMe 260aMe 260 aMe 262aMe 262 aMe 264aMe 264 aMe 265aMe 265 aMe 266aMe 266 aMe 269-52aMe 269-52 aMe 272aMe 272 aMe 275aMe 275 aMe 280aMe 280 aMe 285aMe 285 aMe 292aMe 292 aMe 339aMe 339 aMe 338aMe 338 aMe 293aMe 293 aMe 314aMe 314 aMe 322aMe 322 aMe 369aMe 369 aMe 375aMe 375 aMe 377aMe 377 aMe 379aMe 379 aMe 382-64aMe 382-64 aMe 387-65aMe 387-65 aMe 388aMe 388 aMe 413aMe 413 aMe 419aMe 419 aMe 420aMe 420 aMe 422aMe 422 aMe 432aMe 432 aMe 438aMe 438 aMe 442aMe 442 aMe 445aMe 445 aMe 448aMe 448 aMe 450aMe 450 aMe 469aMe 469 aMe 469-77aMe 469-77 aMe 463aMe 463 aMe 473aMe 473 aMe 478aMe 478 aMe 495aMe 495 aMe 499aMe 499 aMe 502aMe 502 aMe 504aMe 504 aMe 506aMe 506 aMe 508aMe 508 aMe 511aMe 511 aMe 512aMe 512 aMe 513aMe 513 aMe 529aMe 529 aMe 539aMe 539 aMe 540aMe 540 aMe 552aMe 552 aMe 545aMe 545 aMe 569aMe 569 aMe 572aMe 572 aMe 582aMe 582 aMe 585aMe 585 aMe 582-90aMe 582-90 aMe 595aMe 595 aMe 591-89aMe 591-89 aMe 596aMe 596 aMe 598aMe 598 aMe 607aMe 607 aMe 611aMe 611 aMe 615aMe 615 aMe 623aMe 623 aMe 626aMe 626 aMe 601aMe 601 aMe 627aMe 627 aMe 637aMe 637 aMe 619aMe 619 aMe 609aMe 609 aMe 659aMe 659

]]> (Guys and Dolls Photography) Fri, 07 Jul 2017 12:45:00 GMT
Erin + Dominic :: 05.19.17 From our initial consultation, Erin emphasized how important photography was to her, and she made sure there was going to be plenty of time to capture everything. Opting for a first look definitely helped achieve this, and (SPOILER ALERT!) we ended up with some pretty cute photos from it :) This also helped ensure that the entire day was all about them! We were able to whisk them away to multiple locations on the gorgeous Tullymore Golf Resort property. All Erin had to say to Dominic was, "grab me!" He'd pick up her dress train, and off we would go to capture so much of the love the two share together.

Their day was beautiful and full of emotion. Right from the first look with Erin's father, I knew this was going to be a wedding where I was going to wipe a few tears of my own away! Sure enough, my "allergies" acted up again during speeches and toasts. The amount of love and support Erin and Dominic have from their family and friends is outstanding. The speeches his brother and her sister and father gave before dinner made this very apparent. They have an amazing support system, which I'm sure will help as they start their lives together as MR. & MRS. in Washington state.

Erin and Dominic- you had an amazing wedding. Dan and I feel very lucky to have captured your big day!

xoxo Dana

eSd 001eSd 001



11 eSd 009eSd 009

  eSd 034eSd 034 eSd 035eSd 035 eSd 043eSd 043 eSd 056eSd 056

eSd 063eSd 063 eSd 074eSd 074 eSd 070eSd 070 eSd 065eSd 065 eSd 080eSd 080 eSd 111eSd 111 eSd 114eSd 114 eSd 122eSd 122 eSd 087eSd 087 eSd 088eSd 088 eSd 089eSd 089 eSd 129eSd 129 eSd 134eSd 134 eSd 136eSd 136 eSd 138eSd 138 eSd 143eSd 143

eSd 178eSd 178 eSd 179eSd 179 eSd 196eSd 196
eSd 201eSd 201 eSd 204eSd 204 eSd 216eSd 216 eSd 218eSd 218 eSd 224eSd 224 eSd 226eSd 226 eSd 231eSd 231 eSd 252eSd 252 eSd 255eSd 255 eSd 271eSd 271 eSd 284eSd 284 eSd 288eSd 288 eSd 308eSd 308 eSd 337eSd 337 eSd 323eSd 323 eSd 300eSd 300 eSd 302eSd 302 eSd 358eSd 358 eSd 365eSd 365 eSd 382eSd 382 eSd 363eSd 363 eSd 397eSd 397 eSd 444eSd 444 eSd 451eSd 451 eSd 456eSd 456 eSd 463eSd 463 eSd 468eSd 468 eSd 481eSd 481 eSd 485eSd 485 eSd 493eSd 493 eSd 497eSd 497 eSd 500eSd 500 eSd 501eSd 501 eSd 504eSd 504 eSd 515eSd 515 eSd 522eSd 522 eSd 520eSd 520 eSd 536eSd 536 eSd 545eSd 545 eSd 550eSd 550 eSd 554eSd 554 eSd 558eSd 558 eSd 560eSd 560 eSd 569eSd 569 eSd 578eSd 578 eSd 588eSd 588 eSd 593eSd 593 eSd 631eSd 631 eSd 598eSd 598 eSd 612eSd 612 eSd 637eSd 637 eSd 635eSd 635 eSd 641eSd 641 eSd 687eSd 687 eSd 669eSd 669 eSd 698eSd 698 eSd 705eSd 705 eSd 713eSd 713 eSd 726eSd 726 eSd 719eSd 719 eSd 732eSd 732 eSd 743eSd 743 eSd 694eSd 694 33 eSd 753eSd 753 eSd 755eSd 755 eSd 758eSd 758 eSd 761eSd 761 eSd 762eSd 762 eSd 766eSd 766 eSd 769eSd 769 eSd 781eSd 781 eSd 779eSd 779 44 eSd 795eSd 795 eSd 825eSd 825 eSd 832eSd 832 eSd 837eSd 837 eSd 839eSd 839 eSd 844eSd 844 eSd 851eSd 851 eSd 856eSd 856 eSd 859eSd 859 eSd 964eSd 964 eSd 970eSd 970 eSd 870eSd 870 eSd 865eSd 865 eSd 878eSd 878 eSd 885eSd 885 eSd 912eSd 912 eSd 978eSd 978 eSd 980eSd 980 eSd 983eSd 983 eSd 986eSd 986 eSd 988eSd 988

Vendor Information

Venue: Tullymore Golf Resort

Dress: Renee Austin

Tux: Dunhill

Cupcakes: The Cupcake Connoisseur

Band:  Shimmy Pearl


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Photos We Love: 5.10.17 Banner 2Banner 2



There are so many moments on a wedding day that we look forward to each time we shoot a wedding. One of them being when the father gets ready to walk his daughter down the aisle. This moment captured below is one of my favorites. The wedding was at Dow Diamond Baseball Field on a crisp October day. With the ceremony taking place on the field, the wedding party waited to walk down "the aisle" in one of the dugouts.  In this moment, the bride is looking out onto the baseball diamond while her father looks down at her and smiles. I love that we can only see the father's profile revealing a glimpse of his smile. Even with just the glimpse, you can see pure love and joy in his expression. 

When capturing this moment I chose to turn off the strobe on my camera. I opened up my aperture to let more of the light flood into the tunnel and lens. The effect is dramatic, and that is what I wanted. In post-production, I made this photo black & white. I wanted to eliminate distractions and focus on the emotion and I think making this photograph black and white helped achieve this. Lastly, I really like the leading lines and framing in this image. The lines of the tunnel lead your eyes to the subjects. The negative space around their faces help emphasize the emotion being portrayed. 


father and daughterFather and DaughterFather gets ready to walk daughter down the aisle




Dana- Photographer and Imaging artist at Guys and Dolls PhotographyDana Photographer and Imaging artist at Guys and Dolls Photography

Dana Parkhurst
Wedding Specialist
Guys and Dolls Photography

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Photos We Love: 5.03.17 Banner 1Banner 1


This week I picked a shot from Bailey and Jesse's engagement session as one of our favorites. Can you tell why I picked it!? We timed the session so that it would end around golden hour. This way we could capture their romance in the beautiful, dreamy light.  We were lucky with the weather. It was a beautiful summer evening with clear skies. Sure enough as the sun was starting to set, I was able to capture the warm glow of a light leak over their heads into my lens. While it is a gorgeous photograph, what really makes this memorable was what Bailey whispered to Jesse as I was posing them. She said, "You're looking at me the same way you did the first time you kissed me." <3<3<3 Of course I instantly knew this photograph was going to rock! I love the emotion being portrayed in this photograph and the way they are looking at each other, but I'm also a hopeless romantic. I can direct, pose and correctly expose an image, but I can't make the emotion. This is 100% them!



bNj 164bNj 164

I hope you all enjoy this one as much as I do! If you have anything to add, please comment below! :)




Dana- Photographer and Imaging artist at Guys and Dolls PhotographyDana- Photographer and Imaging artist at Guys and Dolls Photography

Dana Walsh
Professional Wedding Photographer
Guys and Dolls Photography


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Photos We Love: 4.26.17 Banner 2Banner 2



Concept shoot before



Hello again! It's time for another blog post!! Just to give you a quick recap from last week, Dan and I are starting a weekly blog series where we choose one of our favorite images to discuss. Please feel free to comment with any of your thoughts. This week I chose a beautiful black and white bridal portrait as one of my favorites. It came from a Trash-the-Dress session last October. While it was a beautiful Fall day, it was pretty chilly out. Miss Rachael was a champ though. She eagerly went into the water and didn't complain at all! The images we captured were stunning, all because of her vision and her willingness to have a little fun! Check us out on the right, BEFORE we went in the water! Can you tell I do not own fishing waders!? The groom generously let me borrow his.  They might be a little big, but they got the job done (minus a small leak in the left leg, but hey, it was totally worth getting a little wet)! :P 






Water theme trash the dress sessionBoho Bride in Water



<< This is a photograph that stops me in my tracks, and makes me think about the meaning behind it.  Rachael rocked this session because despite wading through the cold water, pulling a 10 foot long wet veil, fighting the current and walking on slippery/sharp rocks, she makes it look effortless. Even with all this going on, she looks so serene and graceful. It's mysterious and intriguing. I can't help but to wonder what she is thinking about. I'd like to think that as she looks back to pull her veil she notices her ring and remembers her wedding day, which makes her smile. But, I think that's up to everyone's own interpretation. 

This photo is really beautiful in color, but I think it was meant to be in viewed in black and white. Sometimes color can distract from the meaning of an image. Instead of focusing on the bright oranges and yellows originally in this photograph, my eyes, go straight to her gaze and then follows her gaze to her left hand, which then follows the veil to the ripples in the water. There is really easy movement in this image.

I also really like the texture and crispness of the ripples around her. They fade to a nice bokeh around her face. I purposely used the 70-200mm lens to pull in the background around her. We were shooting in the afternoon so there was plenty of light coming through the trees. The long lens softens the light and creates a nice glow around her and eliminates distractions. 

It's not everyday you have a client that wants a fine art session, but we really enjoyed it, and we LOVE the turnout!










Dana- Photographer and Imaging artist at Guys and Dolls PhotographyDana- Photographer and Imaging artist at Guys and Dolls Photography
Dana Walsh
Professional Wedding Photographer
Guys and Dolls Photography

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Photos We Love: A Weekly Blog Series Banner 1Banner 1


Hello there folks!

We have been talking about doing a weekly blog series for awhile now, and after some deliberation about what we should write about, we decided to choose one of our favorite images and share with you what we like about it. We LOVE feedback and want to encourage discussion, so please feel free to comment on any of our blog posts! 

Onto our first featured pick! Drumroll please...





cOk 706cOk 706

I chose this candid from the Odykirk Wedding at Buck's Run Golf Course this past June! I am completely smitten with everything about this photograph. Everyone has such genuine smiles. Can't you almost hear the laughter when you look at this picture? I heard a saying once, "You smile and the world smiles back." For the most part, it's true. It reminds me of my college days working as a cashier. I would have the rudest customers, and the negative energy would put me in a bad mood. All it would take was one customer to smile at me and say, "How are you doing today?" BAM. I'd smile back and feel a million times better. This photo has the same effect. You can be having a bad day, but you come across something like this, and it makes you come out of your slump.  How can you not smile (at least a little) when you look at this! 

The emotion in this photo definitely makes this image a winner, but I also really like the composition. The color, movement, and negative space all make this photo really successful. I usually like detail in the sky, but here I prefer the white sky surrounding the ladies. It brings my attention to their expressions.  I'm also really drawn to the colors of the bridesmaid dresses. Purple is my favorite color and these shades of lavender are exquisite. The wind, along with the girls walking toward the camera, create really effective movement (thank you Mother Nature for the blustery weather!!).  


These are all reasons I picked this photograph as one of my favorites. Please feel free to add anything I missed :)


Dana- Photographer and Imaging artist at Guys and Dolls PhotographyDana- Photographer and Imaging artist at Guys and Dolls Photography
Dana Walsh
Professional Wedding Photographer
Guys and Dolls Photography

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Cory + Taylor I'm kind of obsessed with this couple's session. After two years of marriage they decided to get back in front of the camera and capture their love once again! The afternoon was full of laughter and stolen kisses between the two of them. Cory even (almost) snuck in a nap mid-session: he might have been a little too comfy laying down!! I put them back to work making them dance, twirl, and run a little bit. They were great sports though, and their session turned out amazing because of it! 
tKc 006tKc 006 tKc 010eftKc 010ef tKc 015bwtKc 015bw tKc 017eftKc 017ef tKc 023eftKc 023ef tKc 020treteftKc 020tretef tKc 027eftKc 027ef tKc 028eftKc 028ef tKc 030eftKc 030ef tKc 032tKc 032 tKc 042eftKc 042ef combine2combine2 combinepsdcombinepsd tKc 058eftKc 058ef tKc 069tKc 069 tKc 083tKc 083

Thank you Taylor and Cory for spending the afternoon with me! 



]]> (Guys and Dolls Photography) Engagement Session Mount Pleasant Photographers Thu, 22 Dec 2016 23:13:37 GMT
Bailey + Jesse :: 10.1.16 Bailey and Jesse have a pretty unique love story that began during their childhood. Their parents were really good friends, which meant that Bailey and Jesse had plenty of playdates growing up. Fast forward 20 years and those play dates became something more. These two have such an amazing bond with each other, I truly believe that their souls were meant for each other. 

bNj 028bNj 028 bNj 001bNj 001 bNj 003bNj 003 bNj 036-2bNj 036-2 bNj 040-4bNj 040-4 bNj 065-11bNj 065-11 bNj 044-6bNj 044-6 bNj 071-15bNj 071-15 bNj 074bNj 074 bNj 077bNj 077 bNj 089-22bNj 089-22 bNj 105-26bNj 105-26 bNj 107bNj 107 bNj 116bNj 116 bNj 119bNj 119 bNj 102-25bNj 102-25 bNj 132-33bNj 132-33 bNj 135-34bNj 135-34 bNj 143-36bNj 143-36
bNj 156efbNj 156ef bNj 150efbNj 150ef bNj 159-40bNj 159-40 bNj 161bNj 161 bNj 170-43bNj 170-43 bNj 177-45bNj 177-45 bNj 188-48bNj 188-48 bNj 202-50bNj 202-50 bNj 228bNj 228 bNj 218-55bNj 218-55 bNj 222bNj 222 bNj 237bNj 237 bNj 241bNj 241 bNj 236-58bNj 236-58 bNj 257bNj 257 bNj 264bNj 264 bNj 269-61bNj 269-61 bNj 271-62bNj 271-62 bNj 277bNj 277 bNj 278bNj 278 bNj 275bNj 275 bNj 286-66bNj 286-66 bNj 288bNj 288 bNj 294bNj 294 bNj 292bwbNj 292bw bNj 296-69bNj 296-69 bNj 299bNj 299 bNj 301crop-72bNj 301crop-72 bNj 308bNj 308 bNj 320-75bNj 320-75 bNj 321bNj 321 bNj 322bwbNj 322bw bNj 324bwbNj 324bw bNj 340-79bNj 340-79 bNj 350bNj 350 bNj 335-78bNj 335-78 bNj 367bNj 367 bNj 366bNj 366 bNj 375-86bNj 375-86 bNj 376bNj 376 bNj 391mattebNj 391matte bNj 410bNj 410 bNj 421bNj 421 bNj 424-99bNj 424-99 bNj 434bNj 434 bNj 435bNj 435 bNj 440-104bNj 440-104 bNj 432-102bNj 432-102 bNj 429bNj 429 bNj 449bwbNj 449bw bNj 448bNj 448 bNj 452bNj 452 bNj 474blbNj 474bl bNj 496-116bNj 496-116 bNj 494bNj 494 bNj 501bNj 501 bNj 481bNj 481 bNj 503bNj 503 bNj 489bNj 489 bNj 513bNj 513 bNj 509efbNj 509ef bNj 516efbNj 516ef bNj 527-122bNj 527-122 bNj 529-123bNj 529-123 bNj 531-124bNj 531-124 bNj 544efbNj 544ef bNj 553efbNj 553ef bNj 562bNj 562 bNj 564bNj 564 bNj 569-131bNj 569-131 bNj 585efbNj 585ef bNj 584efbNj 584ef bNj 591-138bNj 591-138 bNj 600-139bNj 600-139 bNj 601-140bNj 601-140 bNj 602bNj 602 bNj 606bNj 606 bNj 610bNj 610 bNj 618bNj 618 bNj 629-145bNj 629-145 bNj 630-146bNj 630-146 bNj 631bNj 631 bNj 634bNj 634 bNj 636-148bNj 636-148 bNj 642bNj 642 bNj 651bNj 651 bNj 653bNj 653 bNj 656-154bNj 656-154 bNj 657bNj 657 bNj 664bNj 664 bNj 680-161bNj 680-161 bNj 696bNj 696 bNj 693bNj 693 bNj 724bNj 724 bNj 729e-167bNj 729e-167 bNj 736bNj 736 bNj 731bNj 731 bNj 738efbNj 738ef

Bailey and Jesse, thank you for letting me capture your big day! 



]]> (Guys and Dolls Photography) Sat, 10 Dec 2016 00:00:19 GMT
Carisa + Travis Dan and I had so much fun with Travis and Carisa at the Main Farm! Their property was every photographer's dream with so many beautiful backdrops. And to top it off, we couldn't have scheduled this session on a better day either. We definitely captured their session during the peak of Fall color. One highlight from their session was visiting the tree they carved out. We loved capturing them at a spot that had so much sentimental value to them <3 Take a peek at their session and enjoy all the warm colors of Fall, the history of their farm, and the love these two share!! eng 004bweng 004bw eng 011eng 011 eng 013bweng 013bw eng 018efeng 018ef eng 022efeng 022ef eng 034efeng 034ef eng 053eng 053 eng 056eng 056 eng 058eng 058 eng 065eng 065 eng 068eng 068 eng 070eng 070 eng 074eng 074 eng 083efeng 083ef eng 088efeng 088ef eng 089eng 089 eng 090eng 090 eng 096eng 096 eng 100eng 100 eng 108bweng 108bw eng 114bweng 114bw

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Rachael + Ryan :: 09.10.16 Rachael and Ryan are an amazing couple we have had the privilege of working with! From the first time we met at a bridal show to their engagement session, to working with them at their wedding, to their post wedding Boho themed Trash-the-Dress session, we have had so much fun working with these two. Not only are Rachael and Ryan incredible people, but their families were so welcoming and helpful! We cannot express how honored we are to have been apart of their big day! Check out their beautiful wedding at Rachael's grandmother's property and at the end of this post you also get a glimpse into their post wedding session! <3

rKr 042rKr 042 rKr 147rKr 147 rKr 007bwrKr 007bw rKr 008rKr 008 rKr 011rKr 011 rKr 021rKr 021 rKr 099rKr 099 rKr 027rKr 027 rKr 046rKr 046 rKr 063bwrKr 063bw rKr 066rKr 066 rKr 091rKr 091 rKr 089bwrKr 089bw rKr 115rKr 115 rKr 118rKr 118 rKr 137rKr 137 rKr 132rKr 132 rKr 180rKr 180 rKr 178rKr 178 rKr 185rKr 185 rKr 186rKr 186 rKr 199rKr 199 rKr 201rKr 201 rKr 197rKr 197 rKr 209rKr 209 rKr 207rKr 207 rKr 214rKr 214
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Courtney + Tyler Courtney and Tyler are one of our 2017 wedding couples and we are so excited to work with them! We started their engagement session in a very sentimental location. The bridge at Nelson Park was part of their first date, as well as the spot that Tyler got down on one knee and asked Courtney to marry him! I had so much fun working with these two and capturing the love and laughter they share together. They definitely made my job easy with all their genuine smiles and laughs!  Take a peek at their awesome session!!

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Erin + Mark #CallUsTheJohnsons Mark and Erin tied-the-knot on September 10th. The day started out grey and rainy, but fortunately the clouds parted and the weather turned out to be perfect! I cannot express how fortunate I am to have captured Mark and Erin's wedding. They are some of the most genuine people I have the honor of knowing and I am beyond happy they found each other. Together they make the cutest family <3 Take a peek at their beautiful rustic wedding!
eJm-36eJm-36 eJm-38eJm-38 eJm-16-86eJm-16-86 eJm-4-89eJm-4-89 eJm-6-88eJm-6-88 eJm-12-87eJm-12-87 eJm-23-81eJm-23-81 eJm-30bw-82eJm-30bw-82 eJm-46eJm-46 eJm-47-5eJm-47-5 eJm-49eJm-49 eJm-54eJm-54 eJm-62eJm-62 eJm-63eJm-63 eJm-64-76eJm-64-76 eJm-66eJm-66 eJm-70-73eJm-70-73 eJm-73eJm-73 eJm-75eJm-75 eJm-76-6eJm-76-6 eJm-78eJm-78 eJm-88eJm-88

eJm-97-2eJm-97-2 eJm-99eJm-99 eJm-105-71eJm-105-71 eJm-108-69eJm-108-69 eJm-114eJm-114 eJm-119-63eJm-119-63 eJm-120-64eJm-120-64 eJm-137eJm-137 eJm-149-49eJm-149-49 eJm-147eJm-147 eJm-150-50eJm-150-50 eJm-155eJm-155 eJm-160eJm-160 eJm-162-54eJm-162-54 eJm-165eJm-165 eJm-169eJm-169 eJm-175eJm-175 eJm-181-48eJm-181-48 eJm-188-9eJm-188-9 eJm-197-45eJm-197-45 eJm-202-3eJm-202-3 eJm-203eJm-203 eJm-207-43eJm-207-43 eJm-212eJm-212 eJm-216eJm-216 eJm-220-38eJm-220-38 eJm-221eJm-221 eJm-226eJm-226 eJm-229eJm-229 eJm-239eJm-239 eJm-240eJm-240 eJm-271eJm-271 eJm-279eJm-279 eJm-241eJm-241 eJm-285eJm-285 eJm-288eJm-288 eJm-290eJm-290 eJm-293-34eJm-293-34 eJm-295eJm-295 eJm-297eJm-297 eJm-298eJm-298 eJm-311eJm-311 eJm-313-32eJm-313-32 eJm-315eJm-315 eJm-319eJm-319 eJm-321eJm-321 eJm-323eJm-323 eJm-324eJm-324 eJm-328eJm-328 eJm-334eJm-334 eJm-335eJm-335 eJm-339eJm-339 eJm-341eJm-341

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Venue: SWJ Emerald Hills in Edmore

Florist: Two of a Kind Floral 

Catering: Central Michigan Catering

DJ Entertainment/Photobooth/Partybus: Sound Productions

DJ: Emily with Sound Productions

Make-up: Nina Florian with Salon Blu

Cake: Alma Hill Breads

Dress: Becker's Bridal


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Sean + Lauren :: 8.27.2016  

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Margie + Josh :: One Year Anniversary Margie and Josh are celebrating one year of marriage today!! Happy anniversary!!!


mHj 172mHj 172 mHj 176mHj 176 mHj 178mHj 178 mHj 181mHj 181 mHj 197mHj 197 mHj 203mHj 203 mHj 299mHj 299 mHj 058mHj 058 mHj 061mHj 061 mHj 338mHj 338 mHj 345mHj 345 mHj 357mHj 357 mHj 353vinmHj 353vin mHj 369mHj 369 mHj 373mHj 373 mHj 407mHj 407 mHj 413mHj 413 mHj 425mHj 425 mHj 610mHj 610 mHj 613mHj 613 mHj 600mHj 600

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Bailey + Jesse :: Engagement Bailey is back at Guys and Dolls! Well, as a client this time :) We had the honor of photographing her and her soon-to-be hubby Jesse a few weeks ago and we put together a very special engagement video from their session! Can't wait their October wedding! <3 <3 <3

Bailey2 mRn-2mRn-2 mRn-10mRn-10 mRn-24mRn-24 mRn-31mRn-31 mRn-28mRn-28 mRn-56mRn-56 mRn-59mRn-59 mRn-65mRn-65 mRn-66mRn-66 mRn-63mRn-63 mRn-72mRn-72 mRn-79mRn-79 mRn-82mRn-82 mRn-84mRn-84 mRn-91mRn-91 mRn-88mRn-88

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Anneka + Anthony :: 7.16.2016 Dan and I loved getting to know Anthony and Anneka and we are so honored to have been apart of their wedding! These two are absolutely perfect for each other! They certainly have a lifetime of happiness ahead of them and this is just the beginning!! Congrats you two!! aSa 039aSa 039 aSa 041aSa 041 aSa 028aSa 028 aSa 024aSa 024 aSa 070-11aSa 070-11 aSa 074-12aSa 074-12 aSa 072aSa 072 aSa 066-9aSa 066-9 aSa 065aSa 065 aSa 078aSa 078 aSa 087-16aSa 087-16 aSa 126aSa 126 aSa 182-31aSa 182-31 aSa 180aSa 180 aSa 178-30aSa 178-30 aSa 163aSa 163 aSa 190aSa 190 aSa 191aSa 191 aSa 252aSa 252 aSa 204aSa 204 aSa 240aSa 240 aSa 276aSa 276 aSa 282-44aSa 282-44 aSa 344aSa 344 aSa 357aSa 357 aSa 380aSa 380 aSa 403-53aSa 403-53 aSa 430aSa 430 aSa 434-56aSa 434-56 aSa 460aSa 460 aSa 467-60aSa 467-60 aSa 493aSa 493 aSa 494aSa 494 aSa 506aSa 506 aSa 503aSa 503 aSa 563aSa 563 aSa 545aSa 545 aSa 583aSa 583 aSa 581aSa 581 aSa 624-78aSa 624-78 aSa 611-77aSa 611-77 aSa 604aSa 604 aSa 635aSa 635 aSa 648aSa 648 aSa 656aSa 656 aSa 665-82aSa 665-82 aSa 672aSa 672 aSa 676aSa 676 aSa 675retaSa 675ret aSa 683aSa 683 aSa 686aSa 686 aSa 717aSa 717 aSa 730-90aSa 730-90 aSa 745aSa 745 aSa 721aSa 721 aSa 720aSa 720 aSa 776aSa 776 aSa 786-93aSa 786-93 aSa 807-96aSa 807-96 aSa 796-95aSa 796-95 aSa 873aSa 873 aSa 879aSa 879 aSa 875aSa 875 aSa 889aSa 889 aSa 887aSa 887 aSa 888aSa 888 aSa 839aSa 839 aSa 842aSa 842 aSa 896-106aSa 896-106 aSa 895-105aSa 895-105

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Nick + Dana :: 06.24.2016 I am so excited to finally be blogging my wedding photos!! (Yay!) As a wedding photographer, I stress the importance of hiring a professional to capture your big day. This became very real for me as I was going through editing these pictures. I kept remembering little moments that happened and reliving the day photo by photo. Our wedding has come and gone, but Nick and I will cherish these photos for the rest of our lives. A HUGE thank you to Dan! He did such a wonderful job capturing everything.

June 24th, 2016 lived up to be everything Nick and I could of hoped for. The weather, dress, flowers, food, cake; it was all perfect! We are fortunate to have been able to put this all together and to experience it with the people we love most! Take a look at our day!! - Dana

dWn 002dWn 002 dWn 006dWn 006 dWn 004dWn 004 dWn 015dWn 015 wedding_0013wedding_0013 wedding_0018wedding_0018

Untitled-1 copy copyUntitled-1 copy copy dWn 050dWn 050 dWn 028bwdWn 028bw dWn 073retdWn 073ret dWn 066bwdWn 066bw dWn 084dWn 084 dWn 104dWn 104 dWn 111dWn 111 dWn 130dWn 130 dWn 133dWn 133 dWn 137dWn 137 dWn 139dWn 139 dWn 146dWn 146 dWn 149dWn 149 dWn 156dWn 156 dWn 157dWn 157 dWn 158dWn 158 dWn 206dWn 206 dWn 210bwdWn 210bw dWn 223dWn 223 dWn 225dWn 225 dWn 252dWn 252 dWn 243dWn 243 dWn 228dWn 228 dWn 263bwdWn 263bw dWn 272dWn 272 dWn 351dWn 351 dWn 279dWn 279 dWn 280bwdWn 280bw dWn 310dWn 310 dWn 313dWn 313 dWn 315dWn 315 dWn 318dWn 318 dWn 321dWn 321 dWn 323dWn 323 dWn 325dWn 325 dWn 329dWn 329 dWn 294dWn 294 dWn 348dWn 348 dWn 347dWn 347 dWn 334dWn 334 dWn 355dWn 355 dWn 370dWn 370 dWn 376