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Matthew and Halie are both such genuinely sweet and caring individuals. We are so lucky to have been apart of their wedding. We began the day at St. Michael's church in Remus, Michigan before heading to Buck's Run Golf Course for the reception. To get a little quality time with the wedding party, we made a pit stop at Nelson Park. My favorite part of the day was at dusk, when we whisked the bride and groom away for some AMAZING portraits! Take a look through their wedding story and feel free to let us know what your favorites are!! hZm-008-2hZm-008-2 hZm-002-1hZm-002-1 hZm-013hZm-013 hZm-014hZm-014 hZm-021hZm-021 hZm-024hZm-024 hZm-025hZm-025 hZm-029-3hZm-029-3 hZm-033hZm-033 hZm-037hZm-037 hZm-039hZm-039 hZm-040hZm-040 hZm-053-6hZm-053-6 hZm-067-7hZm-067-7 hZm-101hZm-101 hZm-114-8hZm-114-8 hZm-113hZm-113 hZm-123hZm-123 hZm-122hZm-122 hZm-128-10hZm-128-10 hZm-130-11hZm-130-11 hZm-144hZm-144 hZm-134hZm-134 hZm-148hZm-148 hZm-149hZm-149 hZm-178hZm-178 hZm-183-13hZm-183-13 hZm-186hZm-186 hZm-184hZm-184 hZm-195-14hZm-195-14 hZm-204hZm-204 hZm-206hZm-206 hZm-207hZm-207 hZm-210hZm-210 hZm-218hZm-218 hZm-219hZm-219 hZm-230-17hZm-230-17 hZm-236hZm-236 hZm-242hZm-242 hZm-243hZm-243 hZm-258hZm-258 hZm-245hZm-245 hZm-255hZm-255 hZm-269hZm-269 hZm-271hZm-271 hZm-280hZm-280 hZm-293-19hZm-293-19 hZm-306hZm-306 hZm-318hZm-318 hZm-321-20hZm-321-20 hZm-330hZm-330 hZm-335hZm-335 Bride with GroomsmenBride with GroomsmenWedding Party at Nelson Park in Mount Pleasant, Michigan hZm-385hZm-385 hZm-346hZm-346 hZm-373hZm-373 hZm-378hZm-378 Groom with bridesmaidsGroom with bridesmaidswedding party in Mount Pleasant, Michigan hZm-420hZm-420 Bride LaughingBride Laughing hZm-422hZm-422 hZm-392hZm-392 hZm-433hZm-433 hZm-437hZm-437 hZm-437-28hZm-437-28 Buttons on bride's wedding dressButtons on bride's wedding dressNelson Park, Mount Pleasant, MI

Bride and Groom walking at Nelson ParkBride and Groom walking at Nelson Park, Mount Pleasant, Michigan hZm-443hZm-443 Candid BridesmaidsCandid Bridesmaids hZm-458hZm-458 Bridemaids walkingBridemaids walking Groomsmen walkingGroomsmen walking hZm-463-31hZm-463-31 Bridal PartyBridal Party at Buck's Run Golf Course hZm-467hZm-467 hZm-469hZm-469 hZm-471hZm-471 hZm-475hZm-475 hZm-479hZm-479 hZm-480hZm-480 Grand EntranceBride and Groom Grand Entrance at Buck's Run

Best Man SpeechBest Man Speech at Buck's Run hZm-492hZm-492 hZm-495hZm-495 hZm-500hZm-500 Maid of Honor speechMaid of honor speech hZm-502hZm-502 hZm-508-34hZm-508-34 hZm-509hZm-509 hZm-525-36hZm-525-36 hZm-527hZm-527 hZm-528hZm-528 hZm-546-39hZm-546-39 hZm-552hZm-552 hZm-560hZm-560 hZm-558hZm-558 hZm-571hZm-571 hZm-555hZm-555 hZm-569hZm-569 hZm-572hZm-572 hZm-577hZm-577 hZm-586hZm-586 hZm-590hZm-590 hZm-596lighthZm-596light hZm-597lighthZm-597light hZm-616hZm-616 hZm-618-48hZm-618-48 hZm-617hZm-617 hZm-621hZm-621 hZm-627hZm-627 hZm-631crophZm-631crop hZm-635hZm-635 hZm-638-54hZm-638-54 hZm-640hZm-640 hZm-642hZm-642 hZm-654-56hZm-654-56 hZm-655hZm-655 hZm-653hZm-653


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