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Hello there folks!

We have been talking about doing a weekly blog series for awhile now, and after some deliberation about what we should write about, we decided to choose one of our favorite images and share with you what we like about it. We LOVE feedback and want to encourage discussion, so please feel free to comment on any of our blog posts! 

Onto our first featured pick! Drumroll please...





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I chose this candid from the Odykirk Wedding at Buck's Run Golf Course this past June! I am completely smitten with everything about this photograph. Everyone has such genuine smiles. Can't you almost hear the laughter when you look at this picture? I heard a saying once, "You smile and the world smiles back." For the most part, it's true. It reminds me of my college days working as a cashier. I would have the rudest customers, and the negative energy would put me in a bad mood. All it would take was one customer to smile at me and say, "How are you doing today?" BAM. I'd smile back and feel a million times better. This photo has the same effect. You can be having a bad day, but you come across something like this, and it makes you come out of your slump.  How can you not smile (at least a little) when you look at this! 

The emotion in this photo definitely makes this image a winner, but I also really like the composition. The color, movement, and negative space all make this photo really successful. I usually like detail in the sky, but here I prefer the white sky surrounding the ladies. It brings my attention to their expressions.  I'm also really drawn to the colors of the bridesmaid dresses. Purple is my favorite color and these shades of lavender are exquisite. The wind, along with the girls walking toward the camera, create really effective movement (thank you Mother Nature for the blustery weather!!).  


These are all reasons I picked this photograph as one of my favorites. Please feel free to add anything I missed :)


Dana- Photographer and Imaging artist at Guys and Dolls PhotographyDana- Photographer and Imaging artist at Guys and Dolls Photography
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